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Photographer Mike Mitrow Loves School Sports

28 Feb

Mike Mitrow has worked as a skilled photographer for some time. Mike Mitrow got his photographic start taking photos for his children’s sports teams. Mike Mitrow even rose to the place of the team’s official photographer. Having begun by taking pictures of his children playing sports for school, Mike Mitrow quickly blossomed into a skilled and much-requested photographer.

Mike Mitrow’s work with photography has advanced greatly over the years. Mike Mitrow even owns special equipment for the purpose of capturing the best of his children’s sports moves. Mike Mitrow is a big time businessman when not caring for his family and enjoying his photographic hobby. Mike Mitrow is also an avid sport fisherman, though he tends to take his family with him on those trips, as well as his camera.

A big supporter of school sports, Mike Mitrow has been noted as a proven AAU sports enthusiast. With all of his children in after school sporting events, Mike Mitrow has taken an active role in their sporting fun. An avid photographer, Mike Mitrow is utilized by the teams of his children as an official photographer, working to craft images of the children as modern sports heroes at work. Mike Mitrow also works to include his children in his sport by taking them fishing on a regular basis.

An avid businessman in the Hunterdon County area of New Jersey, Mike Mitrow is a major supporter of school sports in his area. Not only does Mike Mitrow support the schools’ sporting events financially, Mike Mitrow also spends time and works as the sports team’s official photographer, using skills Mike Mitrow’s picked up over the years to help build a better photography quality for his children and for the county at large. Mike Mitrow also works in business, in the fields of life sciences and advertising.


Mike Mitrow Loves Fishing and His Kids, Not Necessarily in That Order

5 Feb

Mike Mitrow has used the Bac-In-Five to take his beloved children and wife on fishing trips as well, because Mike Mitrow is a guy who can also relax. Businessman and official professional Mike Mitrow is also a proud father to his children. Mike Mitrow supports his children in their sporting lives as their team’s official photographer. Mike Mitrow even has specialty photographing gear for the sole purpose of getting great shots of his children at work on the sport field. Mike Mitrow is also an avid fisherman, who brings his children with him when sport fishing on his big boat. Mike Mitrow is truly a great father, balancing his business life with his home life to an incredible degree.

An avid sports fisherman, Mike Mitrow has been fishing for fun for many years. Mike Mitrow even has his own boat, the Bac-In-Five. Bac-In-Five is Mike Mitrow’s pun on the phrase “back in five,” which is funny considering the amazing business acumen that includes Mike Mitrow’s many years of business experience. Mike Mitrow has racked up in his years as a professional. But even professional businessmen like Mike Mitrow need to blow off steam sometimes, which is why the Bac-In-Five is one of his favorite getaways.

When not fishing, Mike Mitrow is an avid businessman and a capable photographer. Mike Mitrow actually got his start in photography from taking pictures of his children’s sporting events. Mike Mitrow is a great father that way and always makes time for his kids. Bac-In-Five boat owner Mike Mitrow is an avid fisherman and capable boat pilot. Mike Mitrow has been a fishing enthusiast and boat owner for nearly a decade. Mike Mitrow has even introduced his family into the fun, taking his children with him and teaching them the ropes of Mike Mitrow’s fishing love.