Mike Mitrow Talks Schering and Novex Biotechnology

11 Mar

As a member of the Schering team, Mike Mitrow has proven himself as a qualified and capable businessman and professional. During his time on the Schering team, Mike Mitrow oversaw a variety of complex and difficult project with ease, showing his obvious skill. Mike Mitrow is a capable and amazing member of the team. Sadly, Mike Mitrow has departed Schering to other firms and to found businesses of his own.

As a member of the Novex Biotechnology team, Mike Mitrow showed an immediate and valuable talent in the world of biotechnology and other life sciences. Proving his skills and capability, Mike Mitrow was able to rise through the ranks of Novex. Mike Mitrow supervised a variety of high-level projects. Mike Mitrow later left the firm to found his own projects and firms specializing in life sciences and communication about life sciences, helping to create a more open dialogue between the worlds of science and business. Having worked for several years at Novex Biotechnology, Mike Mitrow has proven himself a resource to the company.

With his skills in biotechnological work and in the process of life sciences research, Mike Mitrow has been able to combine his science with his business. Mike Mitrow went on to push deeper into that business side, working in communications and advertising, even founding a firm devoted to promoting science through advertising. Mike Mitrow is a major supporter of life sciences, including pharmaceuticals, in his work, trying to make the sciences world a better place for businesses.

Having founded a successful firm on the idea of combining advertising and science into a business, Mike Mitrow was the ideal choice for chief executive officer. As CEO, Mike Mitrow worked to push the boundaries of science by promoting it through the skills in advertising he possessed. By bringing more awareness to science, Mike Mitrow hopes to push more funding into research in the fields of life sciences.



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