Mike Mitrow Balances Business and Family

25 Sep

At the age of 45, Mike Mitrow balances a successful business life alongside his happy family life. As the managing director of Metler Enterprises, Mike Mitrow has many items on his agenda and daily schedule. Despite the demands of his working life, however, Mike Mitrow has always made it a priority to spend time with his family, particularly his children.

“We only have one family,” says Mike Mitrow. “It’s important that I don’t allow my professional career to push them aside.” Indeed, as an influential leader in the business world, Mike Mitrow has many responsibilities that demand his time. In his field, Mike Mitrow combines the sciences, biotechnology, and advertising, creating a time-consuming career. Nonetheless, Mike Mitrow’s dedication to making his family a priority helps him schedule his time accordingly.

As a resident of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Mike Mitrow and his family have the opportunity to experience a life in a place that embodies a small-town feel but provides big-city opportunities. Those opportunities aren’t solely limited to Mike Mitrow’s career. His children are extremely active in their academic and athletic endeavors.

To show his support, Mike Mitrow has donated generous sums to the schools’ athletic programs. Donations like Mike Mitrow’s allow schools to continue placing a focus on extracurricular activities so that children can succeed. Mike Mitrow hopes that his donations will not only benefit his children, but their peers as well. Financial contributions aren’t the only way in which Mike Mitrow has given back, however.

Mike Mitrow has volunteered his time and his hobby of photography to take pictures of school events and AAU athletic programs. As the official photographer, Mike Mitrow is able to document many of these live events for his children as well as their teammates. It’s a contribution that the school, parents, and students are thankful for.

For Mike Mitrow, however, this is just another way that he can give back to the community. “Getting involved in the community is something that more businessmen need to do,” says Mike Mitrow, encouraging his fellow business colleagues to dedicate more time to serving the community. While volunteering began as an effort to support and spend more time with his children, for Mike Mitrow it has turned into a platform for service. Regardless of where his professional career goes from here, intends to continue volunteering with the schools and AAU programs as well as spend quality time with his family. Mike Mitrow hopes the example he sets today will influence the way his children choose to raise their families in the future.


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