Mike Mitrow Encourages Businessmen to Get Involved

30 Sep

Throughout his professional career, Mike Mitrow has experienced incredible success. He was one of the founding partners of an advertising and marketing agency, which was recognized as one of the fastest growing private firms in the United States, according to Inc. 500. Mike Mitrow also has years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and currently serves as the managing director of Metler Enterprises, LLC.

Despite a career filled with leadership and influence, Mike Mitrow has managed to keep his life balanced between work and family. Part of his dedication to family time includes being involved in the lives of his children as they play sports through their schools and AAU programs. Mike Mitrow enjoys attending the games to cheer on his children as well as their teammates, but he has also volunteered his time and skill to be the official photographer for the teams.

Taking photos for these events gives Mike Mitrow to document important moments in the life of his children as well as their teammates. It’s a donation that the entire program is thankful for. Aside from his photography services, Mike Mitrow has also donated financial contributions to help sustain and grow the programs. Mike Mitrow remembers how much extra-curricular activities had a positive influence in his life, and he hopes that his children have the same experiences.

“When I volunteer at these events, I’m energized to get to spend time with my kids and their friends,” says Mike Mitrow. “At the same time, though, it’s a little disheartening that more parents don’t take the time to support their kids.” Indeed, Mike Mitrow has always been an advocate for community service and has strongly encouraged his peers to take part in the lives of their children and the greater community.

“Whether you call it corporate responsibility, public duty, or community service, we’re all in the position to make a positive change,” says Mike Mitrow. Regardless of how successful his professional business life continues to become, Mike Mitrow intends to always keep room in his life for community service, even if it’s something as simple as taking pictures at a sports game. “Community service doesn’t have to be something fancy,” says Mike Mitrow. “As long as you give back, that’s all that matters.”


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