Mike Mitrow’s Favorite Spots for Skiing

17 Dec

Although he likes all seasons of the year, Mike Mitrow particularly enjoys winter. He loves winter because it means he can participate in one of his favorite sports, skiing. Mike Mitrow’s family loves skiing as much as he does, so they enjoy visiting resorts during the winter months. Mike Mitrow has skied across the United States, but his favorite places to ski are in Utah and Colorado. He has several favorite spots for skiing that he is eager to share with other skiers.

Mike Mitrow loves Breckenridge Resort in Colorado. Breckenridge is one of the most popular resorts in the country, and Mike Mitrow knows that there are many reasons for this prestige. He loves Breckenridge’s variety of trails, and with 28 different options, there are many choices available to skiers. Mike Mitrow also likes that Breckenridge offers other activities such as snowshoeing and a terrain park. The resort has something for everyone, no matter your interests.

Copper Mountain is another resort in Colorado that Mike Mitrow likes. Although it has fewer trails than Breckenridge, it offers other activities such as tubing, cross country skiing, and a number of programs for all levels of skiers. Mike Mitrow loves the scenery at Copper Mountain, and enjoys the opportunities for photographs at the resort.

In Utah, Mike Mitrow enjoys skiing at Wolf Mountain. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere, Wolf Mountain offers some of the best skiing for beginners in the Rocky Mountains. Mike Mitrow highly recommends Wolf Mountain to first time skiers, as he can vouch for its personalized and thorough lessons.

For skiers looking for a change of scene, Mike Mitrow highly recommends checking out Breckenridge Resort, Copper Mountain, or Wolf Mountain. He guarantees that you will have a great time at any of these resorts on your next ski trip.


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