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Mike Mitrow Explains What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

19 Feb

Mike Mitrow has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. In that time, he has founded three companies in the life sciences industry. Currently, he is the managing director for Melter Enterprises, LLC based in New Jersey. Mike Mitrow has some tips for those who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

The first thing that Mike Mitrow recommends is to get a good base of understanding in the fields of marketing, communications, sales, advertising and consulting. Starting on the ground for floor of the company and working your way up is the American dream. Mike Mitrow began his career in sales in 1990. Since that time he has gained expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, communications, and consulting. Mike Mitrow recommends working in several different sections of the company to gain a complete understanding of how all departments are interconnected.

In addition to formal education, Mike Mitrow also recommends participating in an internship program. These programs offer students the opportunities to gain valuable insight into the industries that they want to pursue. Many companies offer paid and unpaid internship programs. Mike Mitrow recommends getting in touch with several companies that are in the field that you are interested to see if they are currently accepting interns.

By following Mike Mitrow’s advice you will have a smoother path to becoming a successful entrepreneur in whatever field you desire. By working hard, dedicating yourself to your industry and having determination, like Mike Mitrow has, you will be a successful entrepreneur.


Mike Mitrow Recommends Teaching Children to Ski

14 Feb

Skiing is a great activity and fun for the whole family. Mike Mitrow and his family have been avid skiers for many years. Every year they make several trips to resorts in Utah and Colorado to ski. Mike Mitrow recommends teaching your children to ski so they are able to enjoy winter sports and are able to keep fit during the winter.

Mike Mitrow’s family loves skiing as much as he does, and they appreciate that he made sure they received the proper instruction on skiing. Breckenridge resort in Colorado is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. Their youth training program is second to none. Mike Mitrow advises that many of the instructors will work with children on a one on one basis to make sure they understand how to properly slow down and stop and are comfortable on the skis before they are taken to the slopes.

When teaching children to ski it is important to find an instructor that is comfortable dealing with children. Children’s instructional needs are very different than those of adults. Mike Mitrow recommends interviewing several instructors before you choose one to teach your children to ski. It is important that your child is able to follow directions and understand basic safety rules.

Normally, resorts will have ski instructors that they recommend for particular age groups. Mike Mitrow advises that it is important to make sure that the instructor you choose is licensed and has been a ski instructor for some time.

Planning your Next Skiing Trip to Colorado

10 Feb

Every winter Mike Mitrow plans an annual ski trip to Colorado with his family. Mike Mitrow has been an avid skier for many years and has some tips on planning the perfect ski vacation in Colorado.


When planning a ski trip to Colorado, Mike Mitrow has two locations that he recommends for both novice and advanced skiers. Mike Mitrow recommends Breckenridge resorts and Copper Mountain. Breckenridge has a variety of trails with 28 different options that are available to skiers. There are beginner lessons on bunny hills all the way to advance black diamond runs. In addition to skiing, Breckenridge also offers snowshoeing and the terrain park for people who will not be skiing. Copper Mountain is another resort in Colorado that Mike Mitrow recommends. It is smaller than Breckenridge and tends to be less crowded. Copper Mountain offers many other activities such as tubing, lessons for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, and cross-country skiing.


Mike Mitrow and his family enjoy skiing all trails, whether easy or difficult. When planning a ski vacation it is important to take into consideration the skill level of all people in the party. Mike Mitrow advises finding a location that offers the challenge of black diamond runs, but also has activities like tubing and snowshoeing for the non-skiers in the group.

When planning a ski vacation it is important that the location you choose has something for everyone. Mike Mitrow recommends checking out Copper Mountain or Breckenridge resorts for your next ski vacation in Colorado.

Mike Mitrow Assists with Choosing the Right DSLR Camera

5 Feb

Mike Mitrow is an avid photographer who has been assisting beginning photographers with choosing the right cameras for years. When it comes to choosing a DSLR camera, Mike Mitrow has some tips on how to choose the correct camera to suit your needs. As cell phone cameras are improving, fewer people are using real cameras. Mike Mitrow has some recommendations for those who are interested in choosing a professional quality camera.

According to Mike Mitrow, DSLR cameras take amazing photographs but may not always be the most practical cameras for you. If you are a professional photographer, or aspire to be one, then a DSLR camera is what you will need. With so many options for control and customization, Mike Mitrow advises that there are very few limits on what you can accomplish with your camera.

Who needs a DSLR camera?

According to Mike Mitrow, these cameras are specifically designed for people who are professionals, filmmakers, or hobbyists who are looking to get the best image quality possible – especially in low light situations.

What are the pros and cons?

The pros with DSLR cameras are that they provide vastly superior image quality, low light performance and you have the option of complete control over all technical aspects of your photograph. According to Mike Mitrow, the main drawback to the DSLR camera is that it has a much steeper learning curve than any other camera available. With so many different buttons and settings even an experienced photographer will have to take time to understand what they all do.