Mike Mitrow Recommends Teaching Children to Ski

14 Feb

Skiing is a great activity and fun for the whole family. Mike Mitrow and his family have been avid skiers for many years. Every year they make several trips to resorts in Utah and Colorado to ski. Mike Mitrow recommends teaching your children to ski so they are able to enjoy winter sports and are able to keep fit during the winter.

Mike Mitrow’s family loves skiing as much as he does, and they appreciate that he made sure they received the proper instruction on skiing. Breckenridge resort in Colorado is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. Their youth training program is second to none. Mike Mitrow advises that many of the instructors will work with children on a one on one basis to make sure they understand how to properly slow down and stop and are comfortable on the skis before they are taken to the slopes.

When teaching children to ski it is important to find an instructor that is comfortable dealing with children. Children’s instructional needs are very different than those of adults. Mike Mitrow recommends interviewing several instructors before you choose one to teach your children to ski. It is important that your child is able to follow directions and understand basic safety rules.

Normally, resorts will have ski instructors that they recommend for particular age groups. Mike Mitrow advises that it is important to make sure that the instructor you choose is licensed and has been a ski instructor for some time.


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