Mike Mitrow: DSLR Cameras

8 Apr

Mike Mitrow loves taking pictures, and has never hesitated to share his expertise with beginning photographers looking to choose the right gear.

When it comes to choosing a camera, Mike Mitrow there are many different kinds to choose from. But he says to get the best pictures you can, buy a DSLR. A DSLR is a digital single-lens reflex camera. It has superior optics and features of a single-lens reflex camera along with a digital imaging sensor.

Mike Mitrow says that DSLR cameras take the best photographs, but they may not be the most practical cameras for everyone. A lot of people start out with simple point-and-shoot cameras that take most of the worry of focus, shutter speed, and other technical considerations.

But DSLR cameras allow for a lot more flexibility, Mike Mitrow says. If you are a professional photographer, or aspire to be one, then that is what you’ll need. They have features that just aren’t available in simpler cameras.

According to Mike Mitrow, DSLR cameras are designed for photographers who are professionals, or amateurs who want to get the best image quality possible, especially in low light situations.

Mike Mitrow says that some of the things to consider when you’re shopping for a camera are megapixels, zoom, inter-changeable lenses, and built-in-flash.

Megapixels are one million pixels, and pixels are the little dots that make up the images on TV or computer screens. The higher the megapixel number on a camera, the more detail it can capture.

For standard 4×6″ prints, Mike Mitrow says even three megapixels resolution is fine. But even the cheapest cameras today have at least six megapixels. Zoom is a lens feature where the lens magnifies an image and seems to move closer to it, without any loss of focus. Interchangeable lens means you can change the camera’s lenses – for example, from a 50mm, “normal” lens to a wide angle that allows you to get a wider area in your photograph. This is an excellent option to have, Mike Mitrow says. A built-in flash is a small flash unit built right into the camera. They’re okay for ordinary pictures, but a flash attachment is more desirable. The better ones give you more control over lighting a picture.


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