Mike Mitrow: Teach Your Kids to Ski

15 Apr

Skiing is a sport people can participate in throughout their lifetimes. Mike Mitrow and his family have been enthusiastic skiers for many years, and every year they make several trips to resorts in Utah and Colorado to ski. Mike Mitrow says it’s something the whole family can enjoy together. Mike Mitrow is a big believer in teaching children to ski. And he has some thoughts on getting them started at as early an age as possible.

Most ski schools, Mike Mitrow says, will begin teaching kids to ski as young as three years. Many kids are able to ski by themselves on a beginner slope after just a few days of instruction.

There are certain things parents can do to increase the odds that skiing will be a pleasurable experience for their children. First, Mike Mitrow says, is for parents to never underestimate the weather. Be sure to dress your children properly. Get your child a jacket and ski pants that are insulated, waterproof, and breathable. It’s a good idea to put them in a neck gaiter, too.A neck gaiter will protect your child’s neck, ears and lower face from wind and sunburn. Goggles and mittens are must-have items, as are safety helmets.

Once they’re ready to hit the slopes, or at least the bunny hill, Mike Mitrow says always try to make learning fun. Carry some snacks in your pocket for the chairlift, and reward them later with hot chocolate in the lodge. Play games like “I-Spy” to make time on the chairlift go a little faster. Not all kids can sit back and enjoy the view.

Mike Mitrow says that many of the instructors will work with children on a one on one basis to make sure they understand how to properly slow down and stop and are comfortable on the skis before they are taken to the slopes.

Ski resorts are often flexible in matching ski instructors to particular age groups. Mike Mitrow advises that it is important to make sure that the instructor you choose is licensed and has been a ski instructor for some time.


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